Nick Jondro is the founder and executive creator of Jondro Studios, a media arts company located in the Metro St. Louis region that specializes in commercial video production, cinematic wedding videography, and photography.


His early passion for cinematography first turned him onto creating fun and artistic videos for friends and family. What began as a hobby has become an exciting family venture for him and his sister, and Jondro Studios co-creator, Cayce Jondro.


Sharing the world through his lens, Nick Jondro has an eye for the details that personalize a video and he makes his work stand out by applying his knowledge of production and post production to deliver outstanding video content.


When he's not behind the camera, Nick Jondro enjoys spending time kicking up mud on the family farm or relaxing with his wife on their Kaskaskia river property.


You can find examples of his work on Facebook, Vimeo, or subscribe to his YouTube Channel.




Cayce Jondro is co-founder of Jondro Studios, and along with her brother Nick Jondro, built the media arts company from the ground up. Her role within the company is Director of Photography.


During most of her life, Cayce has been a creator of art and photographs. She loves to tell a story and evoke feeling from the simple still images she creates. She studied photography while attending Yavapai College and has been practicing art and portrait photography since 2011.


She loves the beauty and excitement of weddings, the energy and innocence of children, and the joy and laughter she is privileged to be a part of when shooting these personal and fleeting moments.


Typically behind a camera, Cayce enjoys traveling, adventure and documenting her experiences with her partner and her son. She has lived in Texas, Montana, Arizona, and Oregon, before finally settling near her family in Carlyle, Illinois.


You can find her and her art photography on Instagram and Facebook, and you can follow her on Twitter.





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